Rag Doll

Crafted for four years from feelings untold

To one day be presented in a window and sold.

With large empty eyes longing for fulfilling love

To be gazed into until facing the heavens above.

Smooth uninhabited, unspoken, uneasy neck and body

To be gently touched by someone or somebody

Skin so soft, smooth and like porcelain;

Waiting to be caressed again and again.

So hard to fathom how such thing of scintillating beauty

Could one day be cast so simply, and effortlessly

Into an oblivion of eternal despair.


Laid in an empty space

Surrounded by superficial eyes

The only genuine ones on her face

Hiding her past behind

Projecting her fabricated façade

To appeal to those small minds

A tale she made

To fulfill herself inside

But soon to fade

When she might realize

That nothing is what it seems


A familiar face appears through the abyss

Seemingly identical in every way

Eyes, hair, face and personality gave rise to the chemistry

But such feelings become inundated by the plentiful eyes

Only to be misjudged and not survive


Strings of existence pulled out; one by one,

day by day

Loose limbs crumbling, heavily and imploding

With sadness upon

A vacant, fragile heart


Now they both reside on opposite ends

One filling with life and the other withering

Begging the question that since has been unanswered


How to fix this rag-doll?

For I am just a rag, and she a doll

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This cute. It's like the doll

This cute. It's like the doll we leave behind as we grow up and accept the harsh realities life has that make us renewed and beautiful to be loved and cherished....just as we did the rag doll of our youth. Poor baby needs someone she can be a baby doll to who will cherish her giving heart.

.....LIKED IT :-)


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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I liked it, Ks88. Great

I liked it, Ks88. Great imagery.

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