Written by: Paula and Kaleb.

The year was 2076, and even though humankind was supposed to be more “evolved”, this couldn´t be more far away from the truth.

In 2055, Doctor Frank Mellow made the greatest breakthrough in the history of science, a promise for eager couples to assure a great future for their children. They called this “genetic engineering”.

It consisted in parents choosing exactly what traits they wanted for their unborn child: both physical and personality aspects.

As every innovation in this world, it wasn´t received very warmly by society, but as more couples tried it and were able to see that their child was exactly of their choosing and completely healthy, more and more people were convinced that they wanted their children to be good looking, smart, strong, basically, they wanted  perfection.

Dr. Mellow got nothing but praises and positive fame, until the summer of 2068, when everything started.

The first phone calls were from parents that were worried that their children was presenting “abnormal” behavior.

Things began to escalate quickly as the calls began to get more and more serious. Parents contacted him horrified because their sons/daughters were suddenly moving things without touching them, disappearing at plain sight, randomly levitating, among a bizarre list of things.

Dr. Mellow knew something was wrong and immediately convinced his clients to take their offspring to Mellow Labs. (his company).

All of them had only one thing in common: they were incredibly rebellious and surprisingly aggressive, which lead to Dr. Mellow having to take drastic measures such as sedatives, several drugs and even sometimes physical violence to make the tests on these kids.

Their cells were evolving in an abnormal manner, this kids´ DNAs had changed dramatically in just a short period of time, Mellow was shocked and knew that these kids could be a potential danger for the world.

He made the parents sign a contract stating that the kids had to stay at the headquarters as long as the investigation was proceeding and they were allowd to visit them as often as they wanted to.

Mellow had to keep all of them constantly sedated, because the minute they regained consciousness they would turn hostile and he wanted to save the long and complicated explanation.

Some kids lost their lives due to the amount of drugs that were pushed into their systems. People were losing their minds, but there were a selected few that became immune to the drugs and realized the cruelties done to them.

When the parents visited them, they used another type of drug for them to act “normal” to keep suspicions out.

In 2076, Francis was 21 years old, he was one of the first genetically engineered babies, and was one of the few who grew immune to the sedatives.

He saw that some people who were in the same condition as he was, and when they complained they were taken to some sort of room, and he never saw them again, so he decided it was better to just pretend to be drugged all the time.

When his parents came to visit him and there were no guards around, he told them the atrocities that were committed in that place, and his parents thought he was exaggerating and that they knew Mellow’s intentions were good.

He planned it all in a time lapse of a week, he needed the guards to be unarmed, which was usually the 3 pm drug visit. His superability was telekinesis. He knew what he wanted. He wanted Mellow dead.

Francis opened the door and deactivated the security cameras.  He liberated all of his partners and head over to Mellow´s office. He opened the door and he was there.

Just by looking at him, he knew Mellow wasn´t a sane man, he had the same grim look that many of his cellmates had, burned out by all the drugs.

When he looked at him, with the angriest and most determined look on his face, he left out a nervous laugh.

“DO IT! I can´t live with what I’ve done” yelled Mellow.

Francis made a half smile. “No, that would be being too kind, you don´t deserve that”


He opened the main door and let all of his cellmates free onto the unknow world, that had drastically changed on 8 years.

These individuals were dangerous and their brains were completely numb to any kind of empathy, they wanted revenge, and the target was: every human.



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bishu's picture

You are the future... You are buried wealth.. budding scientists

Nice imagination of 2076 Futuristic Poet !!!!!! ... I'm very eager to get a positive write from you "2076" As for me I can't think beyond 2060... my young friend 

individuals were dangerous .....why not kind & harmless

revenge .. .................................why not affection & love .... 

Could U tell me what parents really want from their children Surprised ??? 



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Sure! They were very

Sure! They were very dengerous because all the things Dr. Mellow did to them and they want revenge because of that, and the only people to blame where humans. And we think every parant in those days want to have the perfect son, but we are against this.

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