Let's Have a Toast

The Lust

To the people we used to be

For the nights we replay 

In order to get to sleep at night

Reminded of the times that 

Old friends were still relevant

And drinking all day by the lake 

Was a dream deeply sleep deprived.


Let’s drink to the mistakes we made

When the christmas lights burned out

And we didn’t know how to tell your boyfriend

That in 9 months, that baby would not be his.


Tip back your glass and let’s forget our names

Let’s forget that we ever existed in the first place

Liquid dementia dreams dripping in chivalry,

Darling I’ll show you a better time.

Warmth caresses my skin one atom at a time.

All I can think about is your skin stuck to mine.


So, here’s to us, here’s to them, and here’s to the one’s we’d never be,

For a you that dreamed of me and a future we’ll never actually see.

Vicodin and Wicked Red, hidden wax rig under the bed,

A gin and tonic or twelve rushes to my head

And actions react subtract and adapt and silence slept sounder than

Our forgotten night.

Here’s to us.

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