What's Up With...

What's up with suicide?

What's up with bombs?

What's up with our world today?

A world filled with hate,

A world full of fear, but,

Still a world full of courage and pride.

But where is the pride and courage going?

Well, let's see!

Palestinians-to fight the Israelites

Israelites-to fight the Palestinians

Why do this?

It's killing innocent citizens!

It could be destroying a peaceful future!

It's destroying the seeds of the future,

The Children

What's up with our world today?

A world full of nothing but hate and revenge.

The courage and pride in ones country is going down the drain!

How will our world end up?

Destroyed-destroyed by our own hands and ignorance.

Let's solve the problem and make peace,

Save the seeds of the future, and stop this madness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one also after 9/11/03. I was angry that two peoples could not settle their differences, and that those who think we are wrong act the way they do, destroying the lives of innocent children-mentally, phisically and emotionally.

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Megan Louise's picture

Another well written poem! The meter of this one I liked a little more then the previous one (I'm doing this backwards so it was actually the one below this) it could still use some work though. What I liked most about this is the theme. I like your analogy of children as seeds of the future. But in many places, such as Palestine and Isreal, have already taken root and it is truly inspiring. I was speaking to a friend of mine a while ago and she told me of her two friends from camp. Her friends, were 2 girls, one from Isreal and the other from Palestine. During the camp the two girl became wonderful friends, not letting the hatred between their peoples get in the way of their friendship. They were, for the duration of the camp just 2 regular girls, who shared a room and exchanged make-up and fashion tips, just like anyone else. If they can put years of hatred and violence I have much hope for the rest of the world as well.