Black and White

Black and white

Two colors each of a different plight

White-pure, plain, simple, blinding

Black-complicated, tainted, dark, foreboding

Are you black and I white

Or you white and I black?

Does it matter who's right

Or who's better?

Am I pure as the snow

And you as tainted with soot as the crow?

Or am I black and tainted with sorrow

And you pure with hope for tomorrow?

Lend me your strength, your hand

Give me your heart

I'll give you my hand

If we're ever apart,

To be apart from you, I'll be damned!

I wish you were here

To hold me and tell me to sleep

I wish you were near

I wouldn't make a peep

Then without a word:

I'd tell you my troubles

And what lies in my heart

I'd tell you my faults and my fumbles

Then I'd do my part

I'd listen to you heartbeat

As you tell me of your day

I'd comment on your heartbeat

As you get swept away

I'd call you back to me

And we'd lie as silent as mice

Then you would see

The love I have to give

I guess

Just maybe

We're not in such a mess

Now it's plain to see

We aren't as different

As we seem.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem when I was trying to figure out where I fit in with boys. Depending on my mood, I can be black or white.

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Megan Louise's picture

Very Nice! Well written! Again this sort of regular rhyme scheme is the sort that usually appeals to me most. You also used wonderful analogies, metaphores, and imagery! Again, you have captures the spirit of someone who is trying to find/ define themselves! Definately one of my favourites!