Revaluation Formits Quietly Behind the face of chaos From the Shadows of history an Ancient Blue print for a New World has Illuminated . What is the True meaning of Utopia.

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I don't know about a 'utopia'

I don't know about a 'utopia' in any of our lifetimes, but I do feel that exactly what michio explains in this video is happening now. Watch, you will enjoy.



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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    Many different ideologies



Many different ideologies have tried to create their Uopia, all seemed to have failed so far. Your poem although brief makes a person think and is interesting. My Utopia would be less of a gap in wealth between the rich and the poor in the country of Wales I live in. I suppose AUSTERITY is the new Utopia, world wide.




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like i said we have the blueprint to create a utopia

 What is the human race capable of achieving? What kind of societies can exist, if we the members of the human race and inhabitants of the planet earth should decide we might want to try something else? John Lennon asked people to imagine a world with no countries to kill and die for.  Are we capable of imagining this?  Is it within the capacity of the human intellect to imagine societies that don’t divide the earth into regions and fight over the location of the imaginary lines that separate the regions?  What about societies where the desires of the human race for a clean safe planet led somehow to the creation of a clean safe planet?   What about a world where corporations were servants of the human race, unable to do anything that has any potential to harm the planet without the consent of the people, and where the people all share in the enormous flows of free cash that corporations generate over time?  Can we even imagine societies like this?

            If we can imagine them, why can’t we build them?  What is to keep us from working out the principles of such societies in our minds, working out the details and solving all of the problems needed to bring them to fruition?  Is this within the capacity of the strange and wonderful creatures we call ‘human beings?’  Or are we still too unevolved, too close to animals, to afraid of our own mental capabilities and what they might tell us, that we would never be able to put our minds on such a path?  sorry i just love this topic


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