Instant Love


How can one pronounce 
Their love for another?
Upon a meeting
The first official greeting
Was something in the air?
That causes delusion,
The audacity to care
Or maybe blinded by the moment
Unable to see past her glare
Possibly I was drunk
Not on Wine, but charisma, 
Her mind, her spunk
Still able to consent
I'm of age, I permit
A kiss with passion
Then will I only commit
Something happens to you
When your dreams come true
Fly above hell and bid
Loneliness adieu
Boundaries , limitations 
and boxes you break through
Things that you thought
You could have never done ,you do
Activities and tasks 
Which seem impossible, you pursue
Superman, high above the sky, I flew 
Ninja, better than the rest, Kung-fu
In a moment's notice
I'm better with you
This date, I know it 
Will be our debut
In short, screw what they say
Questions that are asked
It's up to us to obey
The feelings that we have.
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    Forthright and to the



Forthright and to the point. A good poem with some realy meaningful lines, a good write and a good read this poem.