Just a thought

To have an idea how much it hurts

To feel like there is nothing that can be yours 

To find someone you love

To find someone to live for 

The one who makes you feel special 

The one you cant live without 

Why find someone like that 

Why welcome the pain of loss

Why are you not scared of losing urself

To live and breathe for someone 

Why do that to yourself

Just to feel beautiful

To feel you matter 

That there will be someone who cares 

When you are not happy when you are sick

Someone who will look after you

When no one else will 

Someone to share with someone to talk to  

What if you loved 

But are not loved 

What if you care but they do not 

What if you are used but cant stop 

Because you care because you love 

But not them not you 

Why do you need to feel important 

Why do you need to matter 

Why should someone care 

When you live for someone 

You can give everything and not enough

How do you live like that

How do you treasure something that can never be yours

To have an idea how much it hurts 

To actually live through it  

To move ahead 

Where do you get the strength 

To not have them in your thoughts

To let go 

To survive

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My everyday thoughts.  Bravo

My everyday thoughts.  Bravo

Can never think of what to say. Contradiction Incarnate. 

A lonely contradiction. Contrasola

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Question Poem

Good questions. May you find the answers when someone loves you infinitely and painlessly back - Just Bein' Stella