Someone Love Who


You don't fall in love with anyone just for fun

There has to be something you see in the picture

You could be in love with someone that is not yours

Love is not a random drug u pick up at the store

You could be in love with a friend but they don't

know it. Just don't faulnt your self to get someone

They may not like you. Just be your self and then

You will find someone in the world that is to be

with you . Tears roll down your face when you see

him / her with there other and that is to be you in

thier arms.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think i want to be with someone but want to be happy for life

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Rey EF Regidor's picture

Such a lonely poem! I could feel what you mean when you say "Love is not a random drug u pick up at the store." It sounds so simple and obvious, but in reality it is much more complicated than it sounds. People tend to see it as something that they can just find as easily as bread in a store or a "random drug," but in reality, Love is something much difficult to find, as it involves two hearts meeting halfway, and not just one heart trying to reach out to touch another that does not want to be touched at all.