I'm right here, waiting.

You make me feel insignificant
I can't tell what's different
You say we're in love, that's not what i'm witnessing
I can say I'm in love, your attention's what i'm requesting
Every single day, I try and try
by the end of the day I just cry and cry
You don't know how much this is difficult
the pain inside ain't reciprocal.
You say I'm the most important thing in your life
when I need you the most, you'll be there to hold me tight
When push comes to shove, you can't leave him for a minute
I'm waiting for him to leave, Feels like times infinite
I thought I was suppose to be your boo
When something came up we would always come through
You said you'd do anything for me, even if he's a relative
Every single day I have to tell you a lie, saying "I'm okay", like hell it is.
I'm just tired of these endless war, I want to make a treaty
I do not want to fight no more, I just want you to see me.

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Longing For Change?

A stirring write - we are all so different and then we change more, ignoring love is no way to go if once found and held dear. Intriguing topic - allets



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Thank you. I agree with you

Thank you. I agree with you that getting into relationship does change one's self.