September Romance

Tuesday, February 03, 2004
September romance

September, mid of night; whispers of romance, as the moon dresses us in light, our hearts race, and we dance; while the moonbeams entrance us with their splendor.  The stars sprinkle down on us, soft breeze like a gentle tease through our bodies so scandalous in mid September, I clearly remember. She walks gracefully towards me, her hands touch my face, and her lips part so subtle as she beckons me to receive her sweetest gift. My head slowly lifts, as I press against her smooth red lips. Intoxicated with every kiss; I’m fascinated, and lost in this timeless bliss. My hands wrap around her waist, pulling her towards me, our eyes locked in each other’s gaze, lost in her amazing angelic face. Her smile so beyond  in-cred-a-ble, breaks through the darkness like the sun in-ev-it-able. Incomparable, as I run my fingers down the nape of her neck, passionate whispers, I’m in a mess; breathless while the ecstasy injects deep in me, but there is no regret with these feelings so amazing, our love is without cease; blazing!!

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sanctus's picture

Like your style.Powerful

Like your style.Powerful images.

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wow.........*speechless* you're just so amazing...