By: J.P. Salinas a.k.a Poeticscribble

Thursday, September 05, 2002

As she turned away, her eyes closing shut,

and my soul in pain longing to touch,

her soft and sweet crimson lips.

I could bare it no longer, I could no more resist.

My mind was losing it’s reality grip.

She moved with such grace, and with unselfish pace.

I drowned with her beauty when I looked at her face.

And I realized she could not be from this human race.

So angelic, so cosmic, this feeling she gave me.

I was suffering not to touch her, in deep agony.

My body completely, shivered so deeply.

For a moment she turned and parted her lips

She whispered so soft, like a sweet silent kiss

Her words floated with wings you could not see

So soft and delicate like milk & honey.

Her words were melodic like a nightingale’s song

My knees were so weak, I tried to hold on.

My senses were lost, all in a maze

As my passion grew more, I became more her slave.

Her words spoke of love, and filled me complete

I ran towards her, and fell at her feet,

I stood finally to gaze in her eyes

Breathless I whispered, “Embrace me forever”

She pressed her lips to me and said, “forever and ever.”

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Michael Trivette's picture

A great poem. I was writing about love myself in "Confusion?". You used very creative words and it presented great imagery and passion. A true great poem.