The Epitamy of Beauty

In this morning view, I can't help but think of you. The epitamy of beauty is what you are, by far more glorious than the morning star.

Is there something on your mind? You see, it's real hard to find someone that can blow your mind. Like you did to me, this deep feeling you're giving me.

In the moments of lonliness it runs over me like a river you can not see, but you're always there to keep me from drowning, and even when I'm frowning, you're there to reach out to me, embrace me with your honesty.

These dark days of mine, where the world is not so trusting or kind, you give yourself with compassion without regret, and that is what makes me never forget.

Your warmth comforts me in these cold days, this life we live is a confusing maze. I'm in a haze, just thinking of your angelic face.

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Breathe Peace's picture

your love is very beautiful
and captured by your words