Random questions from a morning walk with which I sometimes toy…

If we did not know sorrow…how could we speak of joy?


Why are we so rigid…in what we feel and pray…

When, the truth is, doesn’t every one of us change a little every day?


Was it my decision or destiny that brought me down this road?

If reincarnated would I rather be a bull frog or a toad?


Does the moon communicate with the stars? 

Do the clouds talk to the seas?

Does the wind ever stop to rest as it scampers through the trees?


How can a word like telephone be both a verb…and a noun?

Why do horses sleep standing up while we sleep lying down.


Where will my grandchildren end up?  Why do I look so funny when I dance?

Will I live to be 100?   

Will I ever get to France? 


If I had the money of a millionaire…would I try to save…or spend?

Why are my nose and ears getting bigger…will hatred ever end?


My walk is over…I’m finally home…I can rest my tired legs

The only question left for me…will I have cereal or eggs?


When questions come and go like this…it’s no use trying to mask them…

I guess I should be happy…that I’m alive to ask them.







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