There is ancient story about a stone cutter who felt himself powerless and grim

When he passed a wealthy merchant’s and said, “I wish that I was him.”


Then he became the merchant but one day watching the King parading by

He said, “If I could only be the King, no one would be as powerful as I.”


Then he became the King but before the day was done

He saw the power in the daylight and he wished he was the sun.


Then he became the sun high in the sky for everyone to see

And smiling contentedly he said, “Nothing is as powerful as me.”


Until one day a huge black cloud moved in blocking his sunny glow

No longer did he shine so bright on the people down below.


“That cloud is more powerful than me.” He said, “Oh it would make me very proud

To have the power he possessed, I wish I were the cloud.”


Then he became the cloud and quickly his wish he would rescind

When he realized that he, the cloud, could be driven by the wind.


“I wish I was the wind.” He said, “With all that energy and speed

Oh, if only I could be the wind I’ll have everything I need.”


Then he became the wind and, harnessing his power, he blew both night and day

Until he came upon a huge, towering rock which he could not blow away.


“That rock is truly powerful I cannot budge it...I am shocked

I wish to be that powerful...I wish to be that rock.”


Then he became the rock and was happy being as mighty as he could be.

For he could think of no force in nature more powerful than he.


One day he felt someone chisel into his hard surface and as the day passed by

He felt weak and wondered, “Who in the world could be more powerful than I?”


He looked down to see who wielded such power and was immediately filled with awe

He could not believe his eyes...for a stone cutter is who he saw.


That’s the story, I hope you like it and so as not to cause confusion...

I leave it up to all of you to draw your own conclusion.  




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Everything Is One

Power is illusion - that's my conclusion :D