We live in a world that doesn’t slow down, it’s seems everyone’s in a hurry

Which causes us lots of stress, lots of anxiety, and an abundance of worry.


We worry about money, our health, our children, we worry about being late

We worry about getting older, about our jobs and gaining weight.


I imagine amidst all this hustle, all this bustle, all this hapless hurrying

There are even people out there who worry about worrying!


Worrying can be debilitating, it can be an enemy and a curse

And everyone knows telling someone not to worry, only makes it worse.


So what do we do for our worriers, what can we tell them that would suffice?

How ‘bout if we scour the Internet and offer them other people’s advice.


For there is something everyone knows whether you’re 7 or 92

If you find it on the Internet then, by God, it has to be true.


OK all you worriers, and you know who you are.

Here’s sage advice from the Internet to add to your repertoire. 


Don’t worry be happy is good advice we should never disavow

When you worry ask yourself this question, will this matter a year from now?


Worry doesn’t help with any future tribulation

At best it is a a misuse of ones imagination.


Worry never robs tomorrow of it’s sorrow, no matter what people might say

All it does is zap the joy and happiness from today.


And a big mistake we can make in life when all is said and done

Would be not acting because we’re worried about actually making one.


How many of us gather bundles of sticks, think of all the time we’ve lost

As we use those sticks to build bridges which we’ll likely never cross.


Yes if we think about it how much of our lives have to this point been blurred

By all the misfortunes we’ve had, that never actually occurred?


By the looks of all the people giving advice it seems that worrying has grown

If nothing else, isn’t it nice to know that as a worrier you’re not alone?


Does any of this help?  Some of you may say yes others of you will doubt it

Did I just plagiarize a bunch of people? I shall not worry about it.


Because it won’t change the outcome, no matter how I worry or complain


And there ain’t no use puttin’ up my umbrella...that is, until it rains.

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brightestnight13's picture

Very nice and truthful

A life without worry would be an idle life indeed.

If such an easy thing weren't so hard.

Nice poem.