Last night Deborah and I we were treated to dinner it was a wonderful night I must assert.

We sat at a table (actually 2) one for dinner and one for dessert!


When we returned home, happy and full, Deborah tossed her purse on the table with ease

After locking the door and hanging up my jacket, I tossed on my wallet and keys.


As I stopped for a moment and looked at our old table I was overcome with tears

For I realized how important that table has been to our family down through the years. 


This is the table where our children grew up, it’s seen their laughter, their tears, felt their screams

It’s not only where we tossed our purse and our keys it’s where we piled our hopes and our dreams.


If I look hard enough I see children doing homework, coloring, or playing a game

Soaked into that table are memories of who they were, and the knowledge of who they became.


If I look again I see grandchildren and hear joy and laughter overhead

Only the voices don’t say Mom and Dad anymore they say Nana and PopPop instead.


It seems this table has been a confluence where our family has sat, laughed and dined

Once we leave we take a little bit of each other with us and leave a little of us behind.


Most days now at our table it’s just Deborah and me, now that our children are grown

But we both know when you eat at the table of never eat alone.


Then I realized everyone has tables where they’ve piled things over the years

Where they’ve shared dinners and parties and laughter and love and blood and sweat and tears.


Yes we often take them for granted, it may take us a lifetime to see

That it’s not just a table we’re sitting’s part of our family.


So the next time you’re looking at photos, before your looking is through

Look closely and you’ll find a table, chances are it is smiling too.




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