My son-in-law’s name is Fred and though I truly love the man

I’ve often wonder about his taste in food...for instance he loves SPAM.


But then I did some research I looked wide and I looked long

And I realized that, when it came to SPAM, perhaps I have been wrong.


SPAM was created by Hormel Foods back in 1937

And immediately the world was treated to a little piece of heaven.


They start with chopped pork shoulder meat and add a little ham

Then cover it with salt-about 800 milligrams.


And so it can sit in your pantry for a long time in reserve

They add potato starch as a binder and sodium nitrite to preserve.


And here is something I think even had the Hormel chefs amazed

When they cooked up SPAM the top of it forms a nice gelatinous glaze.


I’m not quite sure at what point Hormel knew it had a winner

Perhaps when they realized SPAM was good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


You can cook it up with eggs, in a sandwich it’s a breeze

You can even add this product to make delicious mac and cheese. 


My initial cynicism about this product I shall no more repeat

No longer will I harass Fred or call it mystery meat.


Did you know at the end of the day, after all the SPAM is reckoned

It’s calculated 4 cans of this stuff is eaten every second.


Why it’s so popular in Hawaii, so much do the Hawaiians partake

That in the islands SPAM is known as the official Hawaiian steak.


And it’s not just those Hawaiians who are passionate SPAM fans

60 million other Americans eat that meat from in that can.


So Fred my apologies for ever doubting you...SPAM has it’s own mystique


And guess what you’ll be getting when your birthday comes next week. 

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