She spent the springtime of her life there…

Whenever she had a break 

she’d run down to her swing

in her tree down by the lake.


She still remembers how it felt

suspended from her tree

swaying back and forth 

so innocent and free…


She returns now after years away

still remembering the bond they shared

and is excited to find her cherished swing

patiently waiting there…


She smiles, closes her eyes

and once again is suspended from her tree

swaying back and forth

so innocent and free…


Happy to reunite.

Happy once again whenever she has a break

to spend the autumn of her life 


in her swing down by the lake

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

That's pretty, beautiful, and

That's pretty, beautiful, and almost too innocent to be real. Yet, I hope it is. And that's enough to make it something, I'd say. Something about it is pristine but not sanitized.