Have you ever noticed when you get together with friends and family

no matter where you’re at…

many conversations begin with ‘Do you remember this?’

or start out ‘Do you remember that?’


One person says do you remember the time…

as a smile crosses his or her face…

and you find yourself transported with them

back to that same time and same place.


How you all have your own version of what happened…

your own chronology….

for even though you all saw the same thing

you all remember it a little differently.


And each of you shares what you saw…how you felt

the way you perceived it to be…

and though you think you saw it correctly

others, who were there, disagree.


And you laugh as you remember that moment

for you are happily aware

how lucky you all are to have that particular moment

a particular moment you all can share…


And you think as you listen to more ‘Do You Remembers…

watching the smiles as people recap…

how lucky you are to have family and friends


whose ‘Do you remembers’ all overlap.

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well done, I enjoyed this and

well done, I enjoyed this and agree...I have those moments with family all the time and it brings a wry smile to my face.  Appreciate the warm memories, keep writing and take care