She came from a family of wishers…wishers…every one.

They’d wish every chance they had…on anything under the sun.


She remembers the first one she ever made.

She remembers a big cake on a dish.

There were candles burning when her mom and mad said, “Honey, make a wish!”


She remembers walking with her parents in distances short and far

when they would stop look up at the sky…and make a wish upon a star.


They would make wishes as they blew on dandelions 

and their seeds floated up to the sky.

They would make a wish in on open meadow

and whisper that dream to a butterfly.


They would make wishes on a ray of sunlight

or on the glow of the smallest moonbeam

They would wish on flower petals before sending them downstream.


“Why do we make so many wishes?” She once asked,

one day under a sky so blue.

“Because the more wishes and dreams we make.” her parents said.

“Some of them are bound to come true”.


There are so many wonders in our world…they taught her

Births and flowers, stars and trees

animals, rainbows, clouds floating by

a simple summer breeze.


We know these things are real…we see the clouds

we feel the breezes blow

But at the same time when it comes to life

there is much we do not know.


We do not know why there are births, 

Why there are flowers, stars and trees.

Why there are so many different animals.

Why rainbows, clouds and the breeze?


The things we know and don’t know

Stand at two opposite extremes…..

And somewhere in between them, they’d say…


There’s room for our wishes, our hopes and our dreams.

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