When I was young I attended Catholic school...but while there, along the way

My God was beaten out of me, yet for some reason...I still pray?


I see religions fostering hostility and no longer am I awed

As I watch people hate, maim and kill each other all in the name of god..and still I pray.


I hear young girls and boy kidnapped into sex trafficking…and I think how can this be?

I see refugees around the world so afraid they have to flee…and still I pray.


I see leaders threatening war…do they know this is not a game?

I hear hatred spewing from our leaders mouths…and I feel sad…I feel ashamed…and still I pray.


I see countries, after centuries of war, whose arsenals of death each day increase

Continuing to believe after all this time that war can lead to peace...and still I pray.


I see people destroying or polluting many of our resources here on Earth 

who forget, or worse don’t care, about its value or its worth..and still I pray.


I see bullying so pervasive it’s leading children to suicides

I see dictators abolishing human rights, I see massacres and genocides...and still I pray


For beneath this shroud of sorrow, in a world that’s tearing itself apart

I see many people who prove our world still has honor...still has heart.


There is a constant struggle between good and evil and though evil gets more press

Perhaps as each new day begins we need to reassess.


Evilness is more pervasive, more’s a more visible paradigm

Goodness is more subtle, more inconspicuous and takes a little time.


If you’re keeping score between good & evil and what people of the world are choosing

I can’t be sure, but I think right now, it’s goodness that is losing.


But perhaps one day goodness will prevail...yes...perhaps one day...


Hoping good will overwhelm the bad...ah...perhaps that’s why I pray.

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If Good Prevails

Revelations is a myth - we are destined to be dominated by evil. According to the Bible, we are ultimately to be destroyed and given a chance at redemption.Armageddon and the( unloosing of purgatory's souls - clarification requested)  for a second chance. Of course, only the elect will be chosen. God beaten out of you - amen.  - allets -