Our daughter asked to borrow our kayak…we graciously complied

but since we used it last…birds built a nest inside.


This often happens as our kayaks are a safe place for birds to snooze

and we don’t get to use them as often as we choose.


I picked up the nest to move it but quickly gave a shout

I thought it would be empty…but 4 baby birds hopped out.


I called to Deborah, ran to the kitchen, and in a panic picked up a cup

Deborah set the nest in a tree…then we tried to round them up.


Four baby birds scattered in all directions and, as I saw one hopping past,

I thought: how is it these tiny birds can hop around so fast?


I felt bad for disturbing them…so I made helping them my quest

and one by one we captured them and returned them to the nest.


When they were back in tree and nest, in the shade, out of the sun

Their parents chirped a thank you…after seeing what we’d done.


We hope they’ll stay protected…in their nest above the ground,

Sheltered by the tree…one bird family…safe and sound.


This reminded me how we’re all connected…humans, the birds, the trees

put on Earth to help each other through life’s adversities.


For when we experience the fragility of life…or when it doesn’t go as planned…


how wonderful to know someone will be there…to lend a helping hand.

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Delightful Write

and a good moral - :D