A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day...
I saw the sunrise.
I walked through the morning dew.
I found a penny on the sidewalk.
I watched crows, overhead, as they flew.

I saw hugs and smiles at a wedding
I attended down by the sea.
I found out a friend who has been battling awhile...
is finally cancer free.

I heard a song I love on the radio.
I ate chocolate kisses for a snack.
I waved at a baby I didn’t even know...
who smiled and happily waved back.

I saw the sunset over the water.
I watched a city come alive with light.
I heard from my children and grandchildren.
I kissed my wife goodnight.

Today I awoke to a foggy sunrise
and as I walked through the morning dew
I thought to myself...
You know what?
Today’s looking pretty good too.

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