God or man, Stand up.

Somebody save me from this,
Save me from the artificial chaos
And superficial disorder in this world.
We are twisted and sick in a state of confusion.
Can we ever make it out?
Killing, shooting, death and dying have become the motif for the living
As we become more and more desensitized to any real emotion
We are aimless and mindless,
Drawn to anything that entertains.
Yes men, is our job title
And fear is the religion we are all devoted to
Are we to numb to notice anything not on a screen?
Are we able to fight? Are we willing?
Someone save us.
God or man, stand up.

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Throw Yourself

a life preserver, no one is out there doing anything but helping themselves to survive. Two wars have desensitized more than anything, no money, no jobs, not money to build roads or pay the hospital bill makes for tv mentalities - financed by huge corporations cursed by the money and nothing but the money motive. I send you a flower. Sounds like you could use one ~slc~`