Chinatown – a shopping paradise

While you don’t need any specific reason to go shopping, well, the sky is blue today so you had to shop. But knowing where the best shopping spots are in a city or town helps you plan your day more easily. You spend less time scouring for the best products and just get to concentrate all your energy in shopping till you just can’t anymore (there is no such thing as such).

If you are in Kuala Lumpur don’t stress over how you will reach this shopping haven. Board an express bus, buy tickets online from and arrive in Singapore quite comfortably, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Singapore’s Chinatown is a hub for all things Chinese, and this extends to the shops and malls that you will find in the area. Most things here are made in China, whether you are looking for traditional items, imported toys or even antiques. Our favourite spot to shop in Singapore Chinatown has to be the colourful markets that line the lanes near Chinatown MRT. The malls are also fun to explore, shops here tend to offer great value Chinese items and where there’s shopping, there’s food, so you won’t be short of snacks and along with plenty of places to rest if the bags get too heavy.

One such shopping hotspot you need to visit is Chinatown in Singapore.


Ann Siang Road- Chinatown is famous for all things funky. From quirky clothes to home furnishings, create a style statement of your own after hitting the charming boutiques here. You will lose your heart to the patchwork cushions found in Rose Citron French Design studio.


Chinatown Complex-After you exhaust yourself shopping at Ann Siang, it is time to reward yourself with some yummy food. Walk into Chinatown Complexthat has over 260 food stalls lined with chilli crab, carrot cake, prawn noodles and frog porridge for the adventurous foodies.



TiongBahru Estate-Book lovers, Chinatown doesn’t leave you out. Books actually at TiongBahru Estate will be your new home here.

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Hi.Welcome to the site.I

Hi.Welcome to the site.I liked reading about your home land of Singapore in your prose.


Definetly China is one of the economic superpowers.The kings of make it in bulk and make it quick which many countries like England were I live,benifit from.But as with most countries there are good and bad things in their society.I know there are tensions between China and her neighbours for example.It can be dangerous to rely too much on one country for your imports.