'15 Estranged

On A bright and shiny glorious day when I asked for your hand,


My windows shattered...


The earth stopped spinning

The oceans clashed

The flavor became bland

The flowers withered 

The doors slammed


World annihilation began and asteroids proceeded to the earth to accompany my demise....


The volcanoes erupted

The glaciers melted

The vivid became livid

The animals whimpered

The wind stopped blowing


...My breathing ceased


You paused with a smile, and proceeded with an interjection, "pfft...Uh no"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

”Tragically,” in the end, she WAS labeled the fool by many for leaving me. Every time I come across this writing of mine, it caUses a chuckle followed by a laugh. I guess karma does exist in its own ways. 




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She was a fool.

She was a fool.

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A Moment

captured nicely - "pfft" (nice)

Just reread - looking for something optimistic and happy to counter my disaster prone thinking of gloom and potential asteroids falling and glacier melting obsessions. :D