'15 Empty

...I seem to walk the fields and do not realize where I am

those kisses I feel brushing my cheeks are no longer there

My hands comfort an emptiness portraying your face

Only to feel the wind as it takes you away from me...


My breath has no meaning

My tears leak without emotion

My purpose no longer exists

Stale do I become...motionless


This depth drains my wings

no longer am I able to fly

I clinch my fists in despair

Aching you are no longer there


...these fields are now empty as I walk along our favorite path

a silence rustles and the wind no longer drifts your scent

Loneliness lingers, slowly overtaking my dejected breath...

An overwhelming final breath I'd accept, joining you in death.

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Raw emotions beautifully

Raw emotions beautifully written.

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To Remember

and grieve and be saddened the beloved no longer walks beside you. My brother died in December - We spent an hour three years ago walking in the graveyard identifying people from our youth - I will miss him but the memories are good ones. ~slc~