'13 Driven



A gracious smile would set a woman on fire

Symmetrical looks most men would admire


Nature bloomed and it caught your attention...

with those ocean blues you caught our attention


You began your career at an early age

then rose to fame in a fast & furious race


A heavenly child since the beginning of his days

and A loving family man till the end of his days


"A generous aid to help all who are in need

What happened next, nobody could believe

With passionate hands you'd gently grip...

You were steered right into heavens grid

Two souls were lost on a sunny afternoon

Leaving all in shock...that is just too soon..."


From this world you have been taken

Days have gone and we're still shaken


Where ever you may be in the clouds above

Know that below, you are missed and loved


 We will never know of Gods greatest demands

 What we know is that HE is also the fan of Fans


May you Rest in Piece in soothed warming sands

For you are now cared for in Gods sheltering hands



©David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Paul Walker (1973-2013)

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a.griffiths57's picture

13 Driven:

What an amazing tribute to the victims of disaster on a sunny afternoon. Without exageration you have captured the character in detail, the rhyming seems just to flow and  such a reasuring  message  makes up the content of this poem. Really nice work here. The reader should be moved reading this poem.




classicliz's picture

R.I.P. Paul Walker: '13 Driven

That was lovely, Joel.  Reading about Paul Walker's passing on Facebook wasn't the way I would remember him.  He will always be that gentle boy I saw first on Highway to Heaven.  I enjoyed reading your tribute very much.  Thank you for caring.  Love, Liz

ljmills's picture

Wow! This is so beautiful Mr

Wow! This is so beautiful Mr R.

I didn't know you were a fan.

Me too.

He'll be sadly missed.

Brilliant tribute.