'13 Iron Rain


'13 Iron Rain


At the beginning I said, "Please do not hurt me."
Toward the end I asked, "Why did you hurt me?"
How did you end up driving me near to my end?
You drove your blade, exiting my back instead!
You laughed away watching my emotions spill
I cried to my last breath as you stared in thrill
You pulled out your blade whistling your tune
"Could You Be Loved" I muttered to my doom
I was able to see you walk away with no pain
Accompanied with no remorse, admiring rain


So I bled to death changing the color of a stream
Flashbacks drained, where you began to deceive
I chuckled, coughing blood of how this came to be
I smiled, then laughed how you erased my dignity
I never made that wrong turn with you anywhere
You steered your way inside my mind everywhere
I allowed you to drive me to that place of passion
Instead you drove me to your psycho wonderland
I never saw it coming, disregarding your cold touch
Now here I am, soaked, eventually drowning in blush


I still remember whispering my love while you slept
In every way I quietly sang avoiding the creepiness
I hummed, brushing your hair with my fingers to say
Loving you is the best time of my life, night and day
I will never hurt or deny you, this, I promise to you
Every second that passes, for you I'll always be true
In that very moment, you moved and I felt you laugh
I paused my emotions as a mending heart is all I have
'I love you' so you say, even in sleep, you turn in bed
If you say you do, until my death, you will hurt instead


Even at my death do I whine about my days in the past
Even when alive did I feel sorrow knowing it wouldn't last
I endured the pain that was given to me at the end
Yet my eyes would rain for days for or of a stupid friend
How could someone with no heart hurt you so much?
They made you feel what they felt, down to the touch
As if breaking my frail heart was not bad enough...
A sharp blade was inserted to reveal I wasn't tough
No need for crying now since you're leaking everywhere
Cracked from my nutshell and into a world of despair


Withering whispers of dreams is all I have of you
Wasted breaths it turned out to be as the wind blew
Interesting chills offered a comfort to my final day
Although, my dying alone was not really my way
I felt I coughed out what I no longer wanted inside
but, it was the taste of iron, longing for the outside
I laughed inside, "why haven't I died yet, release me,
I'm in reassuring pain, no more to tell can't you see!"

Now I am whispering my last breath of a pain and a love
I'm here, on the floor wasting breaths for you and above

©David Joel Rodriguez


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ljmills's picture

This poem made my heart skip

This poem made my heart skip a beat and not in a good way.

So intense were the words...I could feel your pain and hear your cries for help.

I hope that the person who hurt you so badly reads this beautiful, heart felt prose,

and maybe feels some sort of regret.

I wish you well Mr Rodriguez.


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Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture

Extremely Prosey Writing

More like a story from the heart - so like the others I have read from you. Tales from the heart are tied to all of us ~~A~~



Joel's picture

Tales they are Allets...and

Tales they are Allets...and oh those tales... ;-)

"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"