'12 Miles Attached


Away from another love, the enchanted night arose as two souls had

merged and formed as one. A gentle touch of our fingertips aroused

the lustrous skin, revealing it all... The darkness hid the lust but

steamy windows felt the heat. It all began with a simple kiss as

fiddling digits chose to thrust, only to awaken your concealed awes...


Sweat was imported through slippery thighs

Revealing us all around, igniting the night

Everywhere, at last, caressing your insides

Sharing intimate sounds, as inner fluids danced


Here we are, together as one

no turning back, already begun

alone, together, away from it all

day and night with my baby doll

my heart aches over there

I want to be here, with you

where my heart's no longer blue


No more will we hide, bringing passion to light

No more will we hide, taking each other at night


Our crave is now over

hold me, hold me closer

please don't let me go

nowhere I would rather be

I'm not wanted over there

please let this feel succeed

lets fulfill our every need...


What we had started, stirred a smile to write

Souls wrapped around, endearing and tight

Everywhere, at last, our love was applied

Each other we have found, afar across the lands

No more do we hide, yearning love in the light

No more do we hide, our smile and kiss tonight


©David Joel Rodriguez

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Still my absolute favourite.

Still my absolute favourite. X

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I think this is....And will

I think this is....And will always be my favourite poem.



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Ah, you never cease to lure the reader in.........

A man after my own pen. You love to beautify love and love's making. Is a scrumptious, selfless present offered to those who maybe have yet to have such a love and such a feeling of acceptance by another cherished above all other human beings. I hope this person you speak of this passed April is still safely ensconced in your life. A better, stronger love that is all any loving individual could want. Enjoyed your crooning lover's way of writing......... please share more soon, don't deny thirsty hearts a little more of your special wine.!Sincerely ,Melissa Lundeen.