'11 May I Serve YOU?




May I Serve YOU?

and there she goes...away again from your vision
Then, turns to wink, insinuating for more attention
In delight, he must be doing something right
Making her smile on a gloomy day and night
Comforting her sensitive heart and everyday wishes
Even as a guest, he assures her she looks delicious
"Every day's a treasure, kissing those succulent lips
both rich and mouth watering as he wraps her hips"
and there she floated with her versatile hair fibers
Making men speechless with a difficulty for words
A luxurious stature, being every man's feat
though, not every knight can fulfill her treat
Her captivating voice is so radiant, causing distraction
Even her presence alone is an endearing satisfaction
"Every day's a memory, fingers brushing her sultry hair
Soothing her strands every moment there is to share"
and there she comes, curvaceous and symmetrical
causing to smile and stare, aware, kisses are owed
Sparks had ignited as they had enveloped
Vividly he recalled the moment with hopes
He used to be a stranger then a welcomed customer
Chemistry shortly took its toll as soon as he saw her
"Vibrant eyes and sexy smile scrumptiously coexist
unknowingly mesmerizing her ways as a mixologist"

©David Joel Rodriguez


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drkpuzzle's picture

I loved this poem. The flow

I loved this poem. The flow was amazing. Keep up the good work. :)

The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.--Buddha

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so much love in here.... *sighs*
that was a beautiful read Mr. Joel!!

** smile for me!!**