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Sensual candles and fragrance oils impel a sexual challenge
A tingling is felt assuring full throttle to release our tension
Slowly, with secreted sexual moisture, intensity is felt inside
Our passionate moans unite as tasteful frictions are applied
An excitement of pleasures and sweat is convinced to dance
A luxury mix of scents established our body's radiant trance
How I loved the way you guided me in on this lustrous night
Your wild eyes reveal a steamy hunger as we roll to the side
You smiled and decided to mount, managing to stay clenched
Your sexy rhythm and craving ecstasy satisfies my instrument
So my gratifying tool massages your lubricious wall to recite
As you vocalize your randiness, we prepare for the flood tide
A lascivious tempo and alluring scents was a burst well spent
A heightened sensation, only to yearn, for more stimulation


© David Joel Rodriguez

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