'09 Sweet Suite


Slowly we commenced to the comfort of our pillow fights
Innocent smiles and laughter just like we had "planned"
Just the two of us, soft music in a room with dim lights
Pound for pound vibrations causing weary clammy hands


Fingers releasing the pillows leaving us in starry sight
We defended our sides and "brushing bodies" began
We teased, yet snubbed each other "struggling" tight
With the racing hearts between a man and a woman


With the struggle for our soft feathers on opposite sides,
The steamy situation would arise as our eyes began to scan.
Your spangled pupils saw size as I flavor scented slice delight
Pillows immediately dismissed for our mouths saw a path


Though we remained motionless for a moment right beside,
Between relaxed hips enabling stocky to genuinely expand,
Your tongue licks your upper lip wondering how far it'll slide.
Your eyes give away an urge how much you need it slammed.


Haste removal of simple apparel, apprehending your inner thigh,
Proceeding with a sexy smile sending me off to cookie island...
With synchronized minds embarking the rest of this hearty night,
Knowing your cave will be ravished, succumbing lollipop land...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

...on my way to suite #2...



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Transplendent Experience's picture

Different in tone somehow. Feels unfinished.