'07 Confused Letter

-Some Kind of Love


Dear Immaculate Rose
the best I ever chose,


I remember when we couldn't wait to meet
without each other, we were not complete

When I was thinking of you
Where did I go, what did I do

Thought I saw you over a hill
guess my heart needed to fulfill

Saw your face in my dreams clearly
Pictured you tip toed waiting for me...


In the center of a sunset
I was the lone silhouette

I'd love to see that smile
make my life worthwhile


In the center of a sunrise
I became your best suprise

different places wanting to see
just to wrap yourself around me


Either vision you patiently stared
with your big eyes, slowly glared

where ever the trip may be
you'd bite your lower lip to see

everyday you wait without end
wondering if a letters been sent


When this letter finds you,
I hope and pray you're not alone
When this letter finds you,
you'll know I never made it home.

Love you always, Now and Forever
Someday we'll end up again together


©David Joel Rodriguez

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Do me a favor! check out the

Do me a favor! check out the poem I wrote in reply to this here poem of yours. It just came to me and I sort of channeled myself for a brief moment as I'd imagined the otherworldly Rose you spoke of would be like to get such a letter from you. I'm sure I was way off but it all came so easily so I could just not write it. That felt wrong. Enjoyed reading some more of your work. Some of these read as very raw and almost bloodied but that doesn't take away from their beauty not in the least. Again, thanks for the inspiration..........Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.