'09 A Fond Hope




A mental drive down an Elysian dream
An arousing feeling it turned out to be
With lustrous skin, so tender and smooth
Embarks my true ambition to calmly sooth
Fingers slightly touching, causing a smile,
Caressing, releasing cries of the inner wild
Such exquisite curves seduced by my care
Two pounding hearts escape cages of despair
Staring into each others yearning dilating eyes
Interested tips tease your skin with a cube of ice
Your sexy grin erupts with a pleasurable chill
Stimulate Me to snipe your succulent lips at will
Seizing, requiring to taste your voluptuous thighs
Embraced, mouth watering hips you tried to deny
Dripping in melted delight as temperatures rise
Intense unfelt chemistry, stirring, ready to ignite
Primary zones, leaking, screaming to be touched
Without words, body and mind remain clutched
Sudden breaths yearn a tangible intimate zeal
Two decompressed souls with desires to reveal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

''As devoted and in Love I seemed to be, I could not even touch you in my favorite dream'' David Joel

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Transplendent Experience's picture

Sent my pulse racing with it's fervor.

lyrycsyntyme's picture

beautifully sensual, powerfully descriptive. keeps the flow needed for one to remain within the moment.