'09 A Rare Refill


My baffled life had begun the very moment I said hi

"Though overstrung by a past tormented drained heart

I was mentally insufficient until you saw me and smiled

and soon to be overwhelmed as a love began to impart..."

I know I was the only one to give in to your aesthetic eyes

Though somewhere inside me remained untouched art.

You supplied me with a new invigorating canvas inside

Which you patiently painted as if playing with your harp

Amazing strokes and gentle swirls leaving me in the sky

Brushing my blushed skin with your alleviating finger tips

Rejuvenating a deteriorated tortured soul left out to dry

until you replenished my core with your graceful lips.

Temperatures seemed low, yet in your arms I was high

Where ever you came, your trip ended my gloomy trip

Your touch, assurance, and solace ensured me a new life

No longer to be a glass of water for others to furtively sip

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"My life ended the day I made you cry...
Like this piece, I became phraseless...
A feeling as if never to be understood...
But I got by nevertheless as I should..."

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Beautiful, filled with so much love and wonder.