'04 Brother Demon*

As you realize, you know what you have caused,

Soon you will be all alone crying to the world.

Stepping over as you become more ungrateful.

How do you stand yourself living disguised?

Offending all, you pretend to love yet despise,

Later on when you need someone you love,

Everyone will quickly back away to let you rot.

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Valeri Garza's picture

How can someone be so horrible that they try to make others feel as miserable as they do. Pitiful and pathetic. I'll pray for him. Me

41tulips's picture

Well, this certainly shows that a lot of things haven't changed. I'd send this to someone in particular, but they might cry and I would hate to do that to them. Imagine telling them this to their face?

Over all, you're stuff is always good and this caught my eye... Hope you get pissed off some more so we can see more action!

Melissa Marina Flores