'08 Memoirs on Sunset Beach


Memoirs on Sunset Beach

A nice day at the beach walking across "hot caramel" sand
With the sun shimmering, teasing me, portraying her eyes
Gentle waves managing to pound away the peaceful land
Slowly taking me to an eminent moment we said goodbye

At first, rushing to each others arms was really not so often
Yet a daring kind of joy would craft our lonely attention...
Sneaky hands trying not to grasp her tender glittering skin
But my devious eyes fought for just a taste of her complexion

With her, I could never forget those mouth watering lips
Permanent chocolate flavor though strawberry coated
With a walk showing irresistible hips I really had to grip
Either sweat pants, capris, or jeans, all were well fitted

There I sit drawing curves, brushing the sand with every finger
Thinking how I would truly love to feel her in that same way
After all, I start to realize you'd sure end up being my teacher
And of course, rough classes didn't actually happen everyday

Now I am floating off like a lonely boat on water once again
Causing me to lose track of my destination where ever I walk
Yet there I stand in front of reflections of an exquisite sunset
Reminisce to myself her Sexy Sassy thoughts and how she'd talk

I do feel I'd gone far enough to test the waters of her wildside
From curvaceous inked skin to her savory heart shaped moon
or places that I got in-between when all others were denied
Now, I ponder the beautiful sunset, with a reminder of her view.

© David Joel Rodriguez

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