'03 I Protected You

-Some Kind of Love

Coming across another evening walk,

cars pass by cruising those streets.

You and me enjoy the autumn breeze,

together forever is hard to believe.

I taking a kiss without saying please.

A dark back street; we took the chance.

Everything was fine until a sudden creak,

we had other options but decided on romance.

Now here we are in dangerous predicament.

reactions are tricky when faced to a gun,

The loot is surrendered to the ugly freak.

The whole fiasco went without argument.

Aiming still, my tough girl went for grabs.

The mugger freed, thinking he'd run...

He fired at her and I jumped in front;

The monster ran,

she holds her man,

warm tears began,

living as longest he can,

she looses her biggest fan.

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Amanda O'Boyle's picture

Damn, This was a really good poem, you write so well, and so different I love it, It brought such emotion in such a short writing.

poetvg's picture

POEM :*p.