'03 Curious Rose

-Some Kind of Love

Walking along a sidewalk.

Not just any block.

The area of this street had something else.

There were an abundance of flowers

Looking close at the rosebushes,

an aroma of scented pedals.

I couldn't find the smell.

I know what it was I could tell.

Near the roots of the flower,

there was a rose,

As if almost covered by a rock.

This rose in PINK made me think.

A nice day after morning showers,

hidden under a stone that I happened to discover

had made my day by presenting it to my lover.


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41tulips's picture

This is such a cute love poem.

Melissa Marina Flores

poetvg's picture

i know
that she
loves this poem :*) to

Nicole Alexander's picture

Nice way to express the importance of the hiding rose...and to share it.