'03 I need a Drink

A long day it was.

Alot of things were discussed.

To much work was done.

Nobody had an inch of fun.

Do this and Do that!

On my way home;

just what I needed, a flat!

Around the car I roam,

changing the tire alone.

Head straight home;

one thing on my mind.

Open the door and what do I find.

The house is a mess and my wife asleep.

Pick up the heap without a single peep.

With a tired slouch I look at the couch.

I do want to sit on this cotton seat.

But what was that thing on my mind?

My feet hurt, back is sore, I'm beat.

What was that thing on my mind?

Let me think...


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Madame Countess Amanda De Carneiro/Coypel's picture

a normal typical day...
from Amanda

anonymous 2's picture

Very well done, i think...
looks like you have your good
and your bad days, but one thing's
for sure, most of your newer poems
are better in material, expression
and flow