'02 You and I Smiled+*

-Some Kind of Love

I watched as you slept and I smiled at your rosy lips

You hear me breathe and unbar your beady brown eyes.

I begin to smile and as I reach for your supple hips,

Carefully, you show endearment as I hold your thighs.

Somehow I find my way to your love and compassion

You cloak me with your passionate intensifying skin;

I spoil my love like a long awaited true confession.

As you embellish me with your scorching fiery kiss.

You give me a smile; a warm sneaky transgression.

I ravish at your succulent smile, sweeter than saccharine.

Twice, you apprehend my body leading to an inspiring love abyss.

I am in complete trance with your fragrance of luscious Jessamine

How did we even end up to such an esurient state of  bliss?

How did our paupered bodies neglect sexual affluent twists?

You and I smiled as our peaky fondness gradually encroached

We watched, scanned and observed; desirous and approached.

Unscrambling our facial expressions has always been worthwhile

So here we are, staring at each other, owing it to one simple smile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Our body becomes hungry for the one that really makes us sexually explode in the inside...

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Thanx for critquing my poems. I loved this poem.. it was really good.

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