'02 Jade+

-Some Kind of Love

I walk alone looking at the springtime leaves,
The smell of rain slowly begins to emerge.
as I try not to step on the invigorating grass
It starts to rain, then stops again.
The rainbow comes out and i stare at your name.
I keep wandering the moist Earth,
as I come across a small leaping frog.
I am almost back to where I live,
When I notice a bill aside the concrete.
I pick it up and gaze at the color...and smile.
A vehicle approaches behind me and starts to beep.
It's only a friend that I've known for a while.
He offers a ride and drives me home.
He turns on the signal light to turn to my block.
I glance at the signal light which makes a tick-tick sound,
contemplate the blinking arrow...and smile.
It would have been a long walk,
but a friend showed up in an emerald car.
I go inside and lie down on my bed.
I know I can't see her since we are miles afar.
I close my eyes as my mind begins to Fade,
commencing to dream of my baby named Jade.

©David Joel Rodriguez

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hey loved this one... also my name.

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