'15 A Twist of Deference


Thoughts in my head emit savory visions of you and I 
With a single touch, my inner cells flare and ignite 
With a kiss, stars break loose within innocent sighs 
Without the above, I'm lost in you with glittering eyes 

I love how you squint when my words are not heard 
Yet your puckering lips decipher what was unheard 
Your presence alone causes a smile with twisted words 
But then I could whisper to be closer to you if you prefer 

I love when you smile, allowing your dimples to appear 
The little things only noticed when a puppy love is near 
…After your smile, follows the sound of your sexy dialect 
Dilating my pupils with an awe and fascinated effect… 
'I love how you walk and flaunt your hips in secrecy, 
glance and smile, biting your lower lip unintentionally. 
Though you are forbidden and within my reach, 
we manage to sneak a smile without a breach' 
Oh the things you do to me when your hair roams free 
A gorgeous and edible trance you excite inside of me 
Therein do I notice, a side only a few can hardly see 
Varicolored hair behind your head, wild and discreet 

You seem to have your own kind of way with me 
Maneuvering a part of me that others just can't see 
You have taken me to a place that I thought I lost 
Perhaps your simple touch caused me to readjust 

When you talk to me, your voice puts me at ease 
When you stare at me, your eyes set me at peace 
When you comfort me, my body yearns your need 
When I think of you, all my sorrows fade completely.

by David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmm :-/

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You never cease to amaze me

You never cease to amaze me with the beauty of your words. X

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Love Is In Here

"...your eyes set me at peace..." loved this line very much, very uniquely said.