Your Eyes

As I look into those sweet innocent eyes

I can’t help but crack a smile.

Pure beauty.

Rare beauty.

Please don’t blow me away with it.

I don’t think you look at yourself the way I look at you.

I see an angel.

I look at you with sincerity.

No sense of selfishness in my eyes.

Your long flowing hair just adds a flare.

With a look of sweetness I see a side of sassiness.

A look of independence.

You don’t need a man.

You could do it all on your own.

But I would love

To help you do it all.

Can you allow me that?




Can I call you all of those?


My future love.

Okay maybe that’s too far.

But I like the idea of it.

Your eyes tell me whatever I tell you is safe with you.

You won’t use it against me.

You’ll analyze me.

Your eyes tell me you’re listening closely.

You really care.

It just amazes me what those pretty eyes tell me.

They’re green for the most part,

But they change colors.

Waking up to those eyes is like heaven.

After I see the eyes then the smile comes.

After the smile it’s the laugh.

The cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.

It’s the perfect instrumental for our song.

The song we make every day.

We make it together.

It’s far from complete.

It’s just began to be written.

Every word carefully crafted.

The first thing to initiate this creation were your eyes. 

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AziVsH's picture

Good Job!

I really liked this:)