My Universe

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My Universe

you make me stand still,
like you gave me a curse
can't write a song,
i can't even finish one verse
i will not be ashamed,
if you'll let me hold your purse
if i catch you with a frown,
i'll put it on reverse
if you get sick
i will be your nurse
i'll never get tired,
even for one whole day we'll just converse
you're love is priceless,
that no money can imburse
if your tears would fall,
i will be the one to absterse
if there are people that would hurt you,
i'll be your keeper and be the one to disperse
if you are drowning,
i will not hesitate to submerse
my love for you is real,
dont be afraid to immerse
you're not my world,
coz you are My Universe

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i_Am_GraziE's picture


round of applause.. you know i like this poem of yours db jo ehehe...
esp. this line
"if i catch you with a frown,
i'll put it on reverse"

"Dont judge me by my past, i dont live there any

joarth21's picture


yeah grace haha~ ikr? :)

tnx for giving me this site, dami ko na nababasang magaganda tula!

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