Last Year(When I Met You).(Poem#5)

Last Year wasn’t just the year I finally had fun

It was the year when I finally met you Hun

Now you I can go on and on for days talking about how cool you are

My friends would listen and them seeing me like this they thought was bizarre

Why? Because I’ve never felt like this about anyone before and I mean it this time

In the past I’ve only said that once and I regret it, but this time I’m glad I said it

I have no regrets meeting you, it was about time someone didn’t see me as mime

Every time I see you I think of the things me and you could do everyday, and I admit

I think your pretty damn cute, and I’d love to say that to you everyday some time

To me your like the only thing I ever wanted, like something special I had to get it

I don’t know what this feeling is this is something new

But that’s just what I felt about you?

Last Year wasn’t just the year “I Stood up for myself”

But it was the year I finally took myself off that dusty shelf

Surrounded by drama

You wished you called your mama

Nothing was gonna take me down

Not once did I ever frown

You could even put me in water I’ll never drown

I’ll look at you and laugh “Hey I didn’t know you were a clown”

But enough with that my haters are too soft

I’m a let my homies finished yall off

When I met you, my heart stopped…beating so fast, trying to hide my smile

All day I walked you to class, I’ve never felt this good in awhile

Your truly something else, I like that, coming at me with style

Don’t worry what people say about you, I already put them in the trash pile

I don’t know what it is about you but I like everything about you.

You’re smart, funny, beautiful, and you have the best personality I’ve ever known

I will never let anyone hurt you, like a guardian they won’t get through

I’ll send them all the way to unknown

Where they’ll know what is like to be alone.

Last year wasn’t just something that was something wonderful

But it turn out to be something very meaningful

I thank you for that, with all my heart

I think its time for a new start

This year i won't let anything split us apart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The only reason i had such a great time is because of the people who showed me right and this one girl i'll never forget.

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