news barracudas smell blood in the water

slicked lip they swim wicked, spit vicious

"slow them down, slow them down

they might notice what's around

panic then ensuing would fast bring us to the ground."

"If the cocaine psycho-laughter of the criminally insane

would briefly stop a moment in their addlepated brains

only fire then could cleanse the deepning chalk upon the slate,

and dreams for profits futures

will be dreamed a dream too late."

-So slam your bodies till it bleeds dead cold against the gate-

"These fish wish to be eaten

they are lost when wakened,


harsh light hurts like new burned skin

they need the shade, a growing shadow

of their coming fate!"

Yet now, quite close but far away,

the Gnosis Children gather strong

and rush on, still full-chained.

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Love it!!

Love it!!

"The place in which I'll fit will not exist until I make it." --James Baldwin