Prayer and Praise


Tonight Lord,I'm just going to praise you

instead of complaining,I thank you for loving me

I thank you when I ask why,you give a reply

through words in your Bible to words in one child

I thank you Lord,for loving me when I don't deserve

your love,

for just pointing out things in the tree's or things

in my life,

for showing me the flowers how they can wilt

in one day,

but in your ways things seem to last and give me joy

that will never pass,

until I glance at myself

the joy seems  to fade

but when I keep my eyes on you

things seem to appear brand new.

I Praise you Lord for giving me chances

that I don't deserve,

thank you Jesus for making me new,

I myself owe it all to you.

Written by:©Betty Bolden


All poems are copyright!©

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